17 – Spindle unit type BF 55 with gear motor and equipment for quick change

BRIO spindle unit type BF 55 with gear motor 1,1kW – 54 rpm. The unit is mounted with equipment for quick change with about 1mm ppush out movement and cooling through spindle.

16 – Spindle unit type BF 90 short version

BRIO spindle unit type BF 90 short version with equipment for quick change and air through spindle. The unit is prepared for overpressure in spindle.

15 – Assembled 3 Axis unit with BF 40

BRIO axis unit consisting of 1 SL 55/400 with handwheel up to 330mm stroke. SL 55/400 with handwheel, 1 SL 40/400 with handwheel up to 300 mm stroke length, 1 BF 40 with 4kW motor. Ready mounted to install.

14 – Assembled 2 Axis unit with BF 90

BRIO spindle type BF 90 with 11kW rear-facing motor mounted on an SL 90/100 slide unit with 32×5 backlash-free ball screw and slideway cover. The slide is mounted on special stands. The assembly is mounted on the SL 90/100 with backlash-free ball screw 32×5 with handwheel.

13 – B16 spindle unit with ER 16 collet nose

BRIO B16 spindle fitted with a 0.5 kW motor and direct drive, for collet ER 16.

12 – BF 25 on SL 25

BRIO spindle type BF 25 with 1.5 kW motor mounted on an SL 25/80 with air cylinder and oil damper for controlling traverse speed. 27 sets were built along the customer’s request. Some of the devices were fitted with more spindle head.

11 – BF 40 on SL 40

BRIO spindle type BF 40 with quick change mounted on SL 40/100 slide with gearing by pulley and belt to hand wheel. The hand wheel is located remotely from the slide according to customer requirements.

10 – BF 55 in special steel

BRIO BF 55 spindle unit without motor. The unit is made of special material and is used for processing at 2000 m below sea level.

9 – BF 55 mounted on SL 55

BRIO spindle type BF 55 mounted on SL 55/250 with housing and ball screw. slide is fitted with slideway cover in front and plate cover, rear.

8 – BF 55 with 2 spindles

2 pcs BRIO BF 55 spindles mounted in a housing and drive is via one motor. Ratio 1:1 and 1:2.

7 – BF 55 for grinding application

BRIO spindle type BF 55 with 4.0 kW motor fitted with cone and extra seal for mounting grinding flange. For mounting of grinding wheel ø350mm. Complete with wheel guarding.

6 – BF 55 with special motorplate

BRIO spindle type BF 55 with quick change fitted with special motor plate for large motor. Colour: RAL 5014.

5 – BF 55 with gearmotor

BRIO BF 55 spindle fitted with 3kW gear motor. Spindle speed 100 r / min

4 – BS 55 extended

BRIO BS 55 spindle extension 200 mm. The unit is equipped with quick tool change unit and supplied without a motor.

3 – SL 40 with aircylinder and oil damper

BRIO slide type SL 40/100 fitted with ø80 air cylinder. On the side of the slide an oil damper is mounted for controlling speed.

2 – Slide unit SL 55/1750

BRIO slide type SL 55 with 1750mm stroke. The slide is fitted with linear guides and 25×5 backlash-free ball screw. The backlash-free ball spindle is mounted at both ends and equipped for mounting the motor at one end.

1 – Slide SL 40 on slide SL 55

BRIO slide type SL 55/250 mounted with preloaded ball spindle 25×5 and belt drive. On this slide is a BRIO slide type SL 40/100 with preloaded ball spindle 25×5. Both slide have slideway cover in both ends.